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Body Piercing is not regulated by the Department of Health and training is not required to practice.
Q: Why Body Piercing By Rn's?
sp A: Piercing has become an accepted form of body decoration in today's society for all ages.
In order to have a safe, positive experience and avoid infection and complication, there are three important step for sucessful piercing:
    1. Marking, proper placement and technique
    2. Quality Jewelry
    3. Aftercare Instructions

Body Art Salon is run/owned by Registered Nurses with over 40 years in Intensive care and makes all the above the top priority for each piercing procedure.

Q: What is marking and proper placement for body piercings?
body piericing A: Marking placement & piercing technique will determine how well the jewelry is positioned on your body. Improper marking and technique may cause the body to reject the jewelry, prolong healing time and possible keloid formation and skin discoloration.
Q: What are the marks of good jewelry for body piercings?
piercing A: Quality jewelry means internally threaded jewelry that is made of a material that will minimize infection, irritation, and allergic reaction. Steel Jewelry has to meet a standard for implantable stainless that is tested by the American society for testing and materials.

Externally threaded jewelry means that the bar/shaft has teeth and the ball is secured on the teeth. This is considered poor quality jewelry that should not be used in new or old piercings.
tongue piercing

Internally threaded jewelry is the appropriate jewelry to use for a fresh and old piercing. Internally threaded means the shaft/bar has no visible teeth and the balls and screws inside the shaft.
lip piercing

Other acceptable jewelry is Titanium ( which is tested by the American society of testing and materials), Niobium , as well as 14K Solid Gold are other alternatives for fresh piercings. This jewelry must be annealed, polished, and sterilized. We only use top quality jewelry made in the U.S.A.

Q: After I get my piercing, how do I take care of it to prevent infections?
body piercing faqs A: Aftercare is very important. The key to good aftercare is to keep the new piercing clean. Don't Touch a new piercing with dirty hands and don't manipulate jewelry (good quality jewelry will not adhere to tissue). For cleaning a new piercing use sea salt water, anti-microbial soap such as satin, and provone. Don't wash excessively and do not apply ointments. The healing times for piercing is different.
Q: How do I choose the right shop to get my piercing?
body piercing questions A: When choosing a shop, it's important to look for these elements:

    1. Piercers have attended a professional piercing seminar.
    2. Shop/Piercers have completed a course in infection control mangement (Blood Born Pathogens).
    3. Piercing rooms must be clean and nonporous floors and washable walls to prevent florid bacteria growth.
        Rooms Must be cleaned both between clients and daily.
    4. Shop must have a decontamination and sterilization room to process and sterilize tools and jewelry.
        Make sure your shop has ultrasonic and autoclave, and all tools and jewelry are Cleaned and Sterilized on Site instead of
        prepackaged sterile jewelry/tools.
    5. Shop must spore test at least monthly (ask to see certificate).
    6. Be sure shop carries quality ewelry that's Internally Threaded.

To conclude, the best piercing shops have all of the above. No matter where you get pierced, be sure to ask these questions to ensure safe and positive experience!


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